Brit Slit

Welcome to 18eighteen, Layla. Are you a proper lady or a dirty, little slut?
"Can't I be both? I guess it just depends what the guy likes. If he wants me to be a naughty girl who loves sucking cock and getting fucked in high heels, then that's what I'll give him. But if he wants me to be a sweetheart in regular clothes who's a little shy and passive, then I can be that way, too."

Which way do guys like you to be more?
"Well I've only been with three fellows so I'm not sure what most men would prefer. But with one of the men I dated, he liked me to look like a total tart. Really slutty girls turn him on so when I was with him I'd wear my mum's lingerie and try to be sexy for him. With the two others, they liked it when I was shy and giggly and wore my hair in pigtails. They took control and told me exactly what to do. And they'd ask me how much I liked their dicks inside me."

And which way do you like being?
"I'll admit that I prefer to be submissive. I like it…

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Featuring: Layla Lee
Date: August 20th, 2010
Photos: 29

Member Comments

3 months ago 
Love pic 15 where she's pulling down the crotch of her panties to show us all her intimate girl parts.
10 years ago 
to the photographer: the umpteenth Girl that doesn't look into the lens. Why don't You direct the Girls to seduce the viewer behind the lens. You should explain to Her that She is not posing for you but for the virtual viewer behind the camera. because those are where you get your money from!

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