Work of Art

That sweet yet naughty look says it all.

Just one flash of her smile and you know Leah is game for just about anything. No place is off-limits for her to diddle her clit. Both cock and pussy are on the menu. Group sex? Yeah, she's down for that, too. "Okay, so I'm a little wild. I just know that I'm a horny girl, and I want to have fun. That's not so bad!"

You mentioned something about a fling with a nurse. Tell us more.

"I was in the hospital to get my appendix removed. After the surgery I was feeling a lot better, so much so that I started playing with myself. A really hot female nurse with big boobs caught me and asked if I needed help. I said, "Yeah" so she ate my tight, little, wet pussy. It was so kinky and hot! I always remember how soft and wet and warm her tongue was and how much I creamed all over it."

Are you into older men?

"Yes, definitely. Older men seem to know how to move their tongues. They usually eat pussy better than younger guys. The guys who are my age don't take their time to eat my pussy passionately. Older guys aren't in a rush. To me there is nothing better than a long, slow pussy-eating session before I get a nice, long, hard cock. Older guys really have the motion of the ocean, too. They know exactly how to move their dick around in my pussy to make me melt like butter while I'm underneath them."

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Featuring: Leah Cortez
Date: February 17th, 2014
Photos: 43

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