Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

Don't you want to eat her up like the big, bad wolf that you are?
Imagine you get this little cutie alone in a bedroom. As she approaches you she'll say, "My, what a big tongue you have!" To which you will respond, "The better to lick you with!" And when you pull down your pants, Lexi will say, "My, what a big cock you have!" Naturally your response will be, "The better to fuck you with!" We asked Lexi what she thought of this scenario, and after a hearty laugh, she had this to say: "That's funny! I think I'm more intrigued by the big tongue than the big cock though. Big cocks are fun, but I prefer average-sized ones 'cause I'm a small girl. And oral is my favorite thing ever. So if the guy really is a big, bad wolf, he better eat me up, or should I say, eat me out!"

Lexi tastes as good as she looks.
"I know that my pussy tastes sweet. Whenever a guy eats me out and kisses me after, I can taste it. And I'll usually suck his finger after he sticks it in me, too. I wonder if other girls taste that good, too. 'Cause if they do, I totally want to try eating a pussy! Not 'cause I'm a lezzie, but 'cause it'd be fun and tasty, and I just want to see what it's like."

Coincidentally, Lexi has been eaten at grandma's!
Just like the hooded heroine in the fable we've referenced, Lexi's had her own experience with a hungry person at her grandma's place. "Well, I wasn't wearing this red hoodie, but I did get eaten out and fucked at my grandma's house one summer. She has a pool and me and my boyfriend at the time were hanging out there. She's old, so she takes a lot of naps. And we took advantage of the opportunity and fooled around in the backyard. He poured lemonade all over my pussy and ate me out in the open on a lawn chair!"

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Featuring: Lexi Brooks
Date: December 27th, 2010
Photos: 39

Member Comments

8 years ago 

Great looking girl, looks like Karina Hart, another natural beauty.

10 years ago 

Come on post a vid of this little
cutie.I'd love to see that tight
little pussy get split and a dick
in her pretty little mouth

13 years ago 

She is lovely!!! HUZZAH for YOUNG PUSSY!!!

13 years ago 

look at that tummy ring

13 years ago 

Wow !!!
Check at this ass, DAMN !

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