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Pretty Pink

Featuring: Lily Mendez
Date: June 1st, 2009
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Lily has fantasies that she has not even begun to fulfill. That's because she's a virgin. A very horny virgin. She's put up a good fight thus far (all her friends have popped their cherries), but she's getting tired of the restless nights spent fingering her pussy and craving dick. "My parents are so strict they won't let me have a boyfriend. And my curfew is at midnight. They say as long as I live under their roof I have to follow their rules. Well, as long as I'm under their roof I'm going to touch my pussy if I can't get any dick!" When Lily is all alone and horny, she likes to think about the moment she'll become a woman. That is, the moment that a big cock enters her virgin twat. She's played with toys before, but Lily thinks they aren't anything like the real deal. She's right. "It feels good putting a dildo in my privates, but I'd rather have a real dick in there.

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