Sweet & Slutty

Sweet & Slutty

You never can tell.
These days even the sweetest, most-wholesome looking teen could be hiding a dirty little secret. In Lily's case, she likes to fuck older men and giant cocks on-camera for the world to see. Guess it's not so much of a secret then. "Just as long as my parents don't find out!"

Lily, has anyone ever called you a slut?
"No. Not to my face, at least. And I don't think I have that reputation in school. In fact, everyone thinks I'm more prude than I really am. But that's because I don't go for all the young, dumb guys in my school. So they think because I'm not into them that I don't put out. Nothing could be further from the truth. I love to fuck, but I mostly prefer older men. While my friends are all drooling over the football captain, my panties are getting moist for the English teacher!"

Why did you decide to fuck for us?
"Because I wanted a guy with a big dick who knows how to pound pussy. I wanted to be drenched in cum. And I wanted to be…

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Featuring: Lily Rader and J Mac
Date: June 28th, 2016
Duration: 56

Member Comments

7 months ago 
That pic where she�s holding his huge cock against her little face is to die for! Lily is almost toooo cute (:
3 years ago 
Lily is one of my favorite girls on this site. She looks so sweet and innocent, but she's an absolute freak when she fucks and looks like you'd break her in half with a small cock but can consistently get pounded to pieces by a big one and still beg for more.

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