Peach Fuzz

Linda, what is your favorite way to maintain your pubes?

"I shave it usually about once a week. Maybe twice if I'm going to the pool or the beach. My pubes are naturally light and sparse so I can get away with not shaving that often. I'm thankful for that because honestly I'm too lazy to shave more than once a week! The good thing is that the rest of my body hair is the same way--really fine and light, so I don't have to shave it that often either. That's the benefit of being a natural blonde. Although I have been thinking about getting waxed, but I'm afraid it'll hurt a lot! My friends tell me it's worth it though."

Let's say you're going to fool around with a guy, and you haven't shaved in a while. Does that make you uncomfortable? How does the guy react?

"It used to make me uncomfortable, but then I realized that most guys don't care if you have a little hair down there. And then…

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Featuring: Linda Melrose
Date: March 19th, 2012
Duration: 40

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8 years ago 
I like the fuzz. If you hate shaving, you shouldn't shave.

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