Toy Girl

Whatcha got there, Linda?
"You know what it is. It's a dildo! And it's going to go in my pussy. I chose this one at the sex store because it's nice and long and it's my favorite color. I've had a lot of fun with this one."

Is this your only toy or do you have a collection of dildos?
"I have all kinds of dildos and vibrators. I like to have many options to choose from depending on the mood I am in. Today, I felt like having something deep in my pussy. So that's why I chose Mr. Purple here. Sometimes I prefer to feel a vibrator on my clit. But no matter which toy I use I always orgasm and squirt all over my sheets. It can get quite messy."

Do you watch yourself masturbate?
"Yes. I like to see the dildo going in and out of my pussy. I like to see my juices collect on it and build up all around my hole. It makes me even more turned on to see that. Sometimes I even set up a video camera to record me while I masturbate so I can watch it later. I will send the videos…

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Featuring: Linda Sweet
Date: April 6th, 2015
Duration: 40

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