Figure Show

You've got a bangin' body!
"Thanks! I played a lot of sports in high school so I think that helped to tone my body. I also run and do yoga to make sure I stay nice and tight and keep my figure."

Do you like to dress sexy to show off your body?
"Usually I'm a casual kind of girl who just likes to wear jeans and a tank top. But if I'm going to a club or a party, I know how to dress to impress. My staple slutty outfits are teeny, tight skirts and midriff shirts. Gotta show off the legs and tummy! I know some of my feminist girlfriends would kill me for saying this, but I love it when guys look at me like wolves who want to devour me. That's why I dress sexy! That perverted stuff turns me on so much. It's nice and all when a guy is respectful, but sometimes you just want an aggressive guy to say some filthy shit in your ear about how bad he wants you."

Do you always wear panties with your sexy outfits?
"I usually do, but there was a time or two that I didn't. I…

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Featuring: Lizzy Bell
Date: June 19th, 2015
Photos: 40

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4 years ago 
Pretty little girl w/ a beautiful bald pee-pee & cute puckered asshole gorgeous little skeeter bite titties and a pretty sweaty smiling face to jack off all over when I'm done! AND she fucks like a champ! Beautiful pee-pee & asshole show here!
5 years ago 
Thank you for this one 18eighteen.
5 years ago 
Thank you very much 18eighteen.

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