Puffy & Pounded

Puffy & Pounded

This frisky brat's got detention again!
It's not that Lolly's a bad girl. She's just a horny one. Her favorite game as of late has been to see how many times she can flash the teacher her open pussy before he stops the lesson. Crossing and uncrossing her legs underneath her desk, she counted four glances before he finally caved and told the students to work on their projects. Then, he asked Lolly to come to his desk, where he had a detention slip written up for her and another note underneath: "I like what I saw. Show me more after class?" Looks like she was happy to show him more...

So was your plan to fuck the teacher all along?
"Kind of! I've played the peekaboo pussy game before, and usually he just got a boner and went to sit at his desk. I could tell he liked what he was seeing, but he was afraid of showing it in class. I've seen him stare at my ass when I walk the halls before. He'd given me other detentions, but he never made a move. I couldn't stand the sexual tension anymore, though! So this time I just planted my ass on his desk, spread my legs and showed him how horny my cunny is! He fed me his cock after that. It felt so good and so big in my throat! Then it was time to fuck..."

What was it like finally getting to fuck him?
"So freaking good! He ate me out for a long time, and it felt incredible. No guy has ever taken that much time on me. I loved feeling his tongue buried in my slit and having him play with my nips. They're really sensitive. His cock was a nice, big surprise. I figured he was at least kinda big, but he really stretched my cunny out. Feeling him pump away at me was amazing. I came four times! He was going to cum on my stomach, but I asked him to shoot it in my pussy instead. I wanted to feel it drip out all warm and sticky. I can't wait for my next detention!"

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Featuring: Lolly
Date: October 25th, 2013
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2 years ago 

Fantastic cutie.

8 years ago 

Puffy boobs !!!

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