"I'm A Cum Slut!"

"I'm A Cum Slut!"

Little Lorna here goes both ways. She likes both guys and girls! She's a self-proclaimed cum slut, and she's not just crazy for man-sauce, either. She loves lapping up a juicy pussy, too! "My biggest sexual fantasy is to be with two girls and a guy in an orgy. I love the attention from both sexes. And I love giving the attention, too. I could suck cocks and lick pussies all day long. Part of it is that every guy and every girl has their own unique taste and smell. I love finding out just what they are! I'm really more of a giver than anything. I'd rather give oral than receive it. Not that I don't appreciate a good licking, I just get the most pleasure from pleasuring someone else. I don't think I could pick a favorite. It might be hard to believe, but I love pussy and cock equally. If I'm getting a lot of one, I start getting cravings for the other. I need them both in my life!" She likes big cocks and smooth twats. "I love sucking on a big, fat cock. Not like, super huge, but pretty big. And as for pussies, I like ones that are shaved or waxed completely bald, and also have little lips. It's the best when they're totally smooth."

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Featuring: Lorna Preston
Date: December 25th, 2010
Photos: 40

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