Total Knockout

Total Knockout

What are you doing with boxing gloves on, Lorna? That's not very ladylike!
"I want to be able to kick ass! And I've been wanting to get into a sport, so I chose boxing. Besides, isn't it hot to see two girls fighting? You know, one time I actually got into a fight with a girl and we ended up fucking! She was my friend, and she came over to my house to confront me 'cause she heard I hooked up with her boyfriend. We started screaming at each other, and she lunged at me! We were at each other's throats, pulling hair, scratching, slapping. And then out of nowhere we started kissing!"

That's the weirdest make-up sex story we've ever heard, Lorna.
"I know! Even while it was happening I just kept thinking, "What the fuck?" But I guess since we were both so heated and feeling so many just happened. There had been a lot of sexual tension between us before that. And for the record, I didn't hook up with her boyfriend. That was just a rumor. So we started making out, then we both…

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Featuring: Lorna Preston
Date: June 17th, 2011
Duration: 40

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