Straight-Up Fucking

Straight-Up Fucking

Luccia doesn't mind being called a slut. For this freaky girl, it's a turn-on.

Playing shy isn't Luccia's style. She doesn't have time to waste being coy or beating around the bush. If she wants to fuck, she's going to tell you. Her favorite way of picking up guys is to parade around the streets in midrifts and coochie-cutters. Some of the girls in Luccia's class call her a slut, but it just makes her laugh. "They think that's an insult. But when I get freaky with a guy, I tell him to call me his horny, little slut. I like dirty talk, especially when I'm doing it with a hater bitch's boyfriend."

Luccia's earned a reputation for her antics.

"In my neighborhood, I'm know as the girl who can make you bust a nut in two minutes. You know how a lot of guys don't cum at all when you suck their dick? I don't have that problem. Even if the guy doesn't want to cum, he will when I suck him. Quickly, too.…

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Featuring: Luccia Cardona and Commando
Date: August 24th, 2009
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