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Fresh Farm Girl

Featuring: Lucie
Date: November 16th, 2009
Photos: 44
Lucie traded the countryside for city life. She grew up on a farm and has recently moved to the city to get away from the slow country life. "My closest neighbor was about a ten minute bike ride away. It was very hard to meet any boys that way and I was tired of being a virgin. Now I'm going to a university in the city and there are lots of boys!" Have you popped your cherry yet? "Not yet. Even though I live in the city now I'm still used to living on a farm so I'm a little shy. But it's very exciting and there's a few boys I wouldn't mind having sex with. I'm masturbating more than ever and I think it's because I'm surrounded by so many cute boys!" She's experimenting. "I got a tattoo and I shaved my pubic hair. I'd never done that before. Now my pussy is all ready for a boy to lick it. I just have to find the right one!".

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