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Cheering For Cum

Featuring: Maci More
Date: June 22nd, 2015
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Are you really a cheerleader? "Yes, I was one in high school. I'm still pretty flexible and I'll do splits and tumbling sometimes for fun. It seems to really impress the guys! And they're even more impressed when I do a split on their cock and take it super deep in my pussy. That's the real reason guys like cheerleaders. We know a bunch of dirty tricks and we can put our ankles behind our head. Guys love being able to fuck a girl who can bend into crazy positions." Tell us some cheer details. "Some of the terms are funny. Facials are actually a thing in the cheerleading world. It means you can't compete with a frown on your face. But it has a double meaning because all the girls on our team loved to get facials from guys. That's something to smile about!" Is it true cheerleaders are all sluts? "Not all of them, but most of them! I know I was.

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June 22, 2015
What a sweet cock socket...a little princess, love her panties and not a pubic hair in sight...beautiful.

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