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Curious Cutie

Featuring: Madison Mason
Date: May 4th, 2009
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Madison has learned a thing or two from looking at her brother's dirty mags. Like any teen, Madison is curious about her sexuality. She'd never had sex before, and only saw a cock once when a friend flashed it at a party. Naturally, she had questions about 'doing it.' When she found her brother's porn stash, her curiosity only increased, along with her horniness. "To find out about sex in like, a science class is one thing. But to actually see people do it in a magazine is different! It makes me want to do it and it always makes me get all wet in my panties. I would sneak some of my brother's porn into my room and touch myself while I looked at them. I felt guilty, but not enough to stop!" After seeing those pictures, she had to go out and try it for herself. There's nothing like porn to awaken a young girl's hunger for cock. For Madison, that craving was always there but lay dormant until she opened her first dirty magazine. "Once I saw a girl with a guy's thingie in her mouth I wanted to try it. I never even thought of doing that before.

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