Undercover Freak

Undercover Freak

Mandy, if we didn't know you, we'd think you were a quiet, shy type of girl.
"That's what most people think. Little do they know that I'm an undercover
freak! The glasses and my modest outfits throw them off. But get me behind
closed doors and I'm probably one of the horniest, most experimental girls
you'll ever meet."

Well since you like to experiment, what's the kinkiest thing you've ever
done before?

"Having a three-way with two guys. They were a little iffy about it, but once I got naked and started seducing them, everything fell into place. I'd always fantasized about sucking a cock while I was getting fucked, and it finally
came true. I wanted to suck both of their cocks at the same time but they
didn't want to be that close, so I blew them one at a time. I wanted to do
DP too but they weren't ready for that. I need to find some freaky guys
who are down for that!"

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Featuring: Mandy Spice and Carlos Rios
Date: May 11th, 2012
Photos: 40

Member Comments

8 years ago 
This is a nice photo set. Good ratio of lanscape vs.portrait
orientation. The slut has her eyes open in many of the
shots. And there are more than 2 cumshot photos. Well done.
Please continue paying attention to the details:) It makes a
HUGE difference.

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