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Cumming of Age

Featuring: Megan Piper
Date: November 2nd, 2012
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Welcome back, Megan! We know you like to have sex, but what kinds of guys do you like? "If you would have asked me a year ago I would've given you the typical girl answer: jocks and classically hot guys. But I got over that. Those guys are boring assholes. Lately I've had the biggest crush on the custodian!" That's very unusual! Can you please explain your attraction to the school custodian? "He's hot in a very nonconventional way. And I think I'm attracted to him partly because I'm not supposed to be. It's looked down upon to be attracted to manual laborers. But I don't know..on top of all that he seems kind of sweet and interesting. Like he's lived a crazy life, and I'd love for him to tell me about it." What else would you love for this custodian guy to do? "Well, if you're gonna go there, I would love for him to fuck me while I was bent over a desk in a classroom! All day at school I fantasize about his cock sliding in and out of my wet pussy. And I daydream about what it'd be like for us to give each other oral. Whenever I see him in the hallway I brush up against him.

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