Busty Babe

Busty Babe

Megan's killer body drives guys insane!
Everywhere Megan goes on campus guys will follow her, offering to carry her books, take her to dinner or even mow her lawn! She doesn't mind the attention one bit!
"If I wear big, baggy clothing nobody hits on me, but as soon as I put on a really tight tank-top they start popping up all over the place to ask me out! I never wear a bra."

Her privacy is very important.
We asked Megan if she had a little exhibitionist streak inside her. She responded, "Sometimes, but what's the point in doing something if it's going to be rushed? I mean, I had sex in a park once, but if it had been at home I would have given him way more head, and he could have eaten my pussy. I get off on sexy strangers seeing me naked, but only if we get to fuck. And that's always better in a big, comfy bed." Megan's got a point, and we imagine her bed is a pretty great place to be. Her soft tits would make a great pillow and her legs wrapped around you would be a…

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Featuring: Megan Salinas
Date: April 18th, 2014
Duration: 41

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4 years ago 
Wow, Megan is so alluring!!!

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