Coochie Cutters

Coochie Cutters

Do you always wear such short shorts, Melanie? You must get a lot of attention...
"I live in short shorts. I'd actually consider these shorts long for me. Normally I wear them so small and tight that my buttcheeks are hanging out and you can see the outline of my pussy. All my friends call me lil' miss coochie-cutters 'cause a lot of the time I'll have a cameltoe from my tiny shorts. That's actually when I get the most attention. This guy even told me that sometimes seeing a big, juicy cameltoe is better than seeing the real thing. He said seeing cameltoes makes his mouth water because you can almost see the pussy, but it still leaves a little something to the imagination."

Are your shorts comfortable for you to wear?
"They are. I even get horny when I'm wearing them. You see, my shorts are so tight that the inseam in the crotch rubs against my clit when I'm walking and it feels really good. I'll practically be masturbating while I'm wearing them, and no one even knows."

Have you ever gotten a wet stain on your shorts from being horny?
"Yes! I was walking home with a guy I had a crush on. My shorts were rubbing on my cooch and it left a wet spot on my crotch. When we got to my house I showed it to him and told him that's the effect he had on me. Then I dropped my shorts so he could eat my pussy."

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Featuring: Melanie Jane
Date: May 20th, 2011
Photos: 40

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11 years ago 

Instant hard-on! LOVE those gorgeous titties with those perfect little eraser hard nipples! Not t mention that gorgeous little bald pee-pee!

13 years ago 

sweet jesus moar

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