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Beaver Cleaver

Featuring: Melissa Mathews
Date: March 19th, 2011
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Melissa is a very well-coiffed young lady. "I'm definitely a girly-girl. I like to go shopping and get my hair and nails done. I enjoy dressing nice and putting on make-up. But I'm not so high maintenance that I can't go out dressed casually or without any make-up on. But you'll never see me out in public looking bummy in pajamas or anything, that's for sure!" Do you groom your pussy too? "Yes, I get it waxed. It doesn't hurt at all, either. In fact, I think it feels really good to get waxed." What do you like about getting your twat waxed? "Aside from having a smooth pussy with hair that doesn't grow back for weeks, I enjoy the physical feeling of being waxed. I'm not a slut for pain or anything, but it feels especially awesome when I get my asshole waxed. Also, the girl who waxes me is this really hot Colombian girl.

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