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Bare Necessities

Featuring: Melody Tan
Date: April 2nd, 2010
Photos: 43
Feeling randy? Melody is all you need. "When I'm with a guy I make sure to pamper him from head to toe. I'm a masseuse and that comes in handy in the bedroom. Massages are a part of the foreplay. I'll get completely naked and get out the baby oil and go to town on the guy, rubbing his back and shoulders and arms, and of course he gets a nice cock massage, too. And the foreplay isn't complete until I suck him off. I like to blow him until he cums. If he doesn't, I kind of take it personally." Why would you take it personally? Not every guy cums from head. "Because when I'm fooling around with someone I really give it my all. I'm not only sucking cock to make the guy feel good, I'm sucking his cock to make him cum. That's my goal and if I don't achieve it I feel like I let the guy down. I get off on giving and making a guy cum.

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