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I need a handyman

Featuring: Mercedes Liana
Date: October 24th, 2011
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Hey, Mercedes. Welcome back. The last time we saw you was in the June '10 issue. What have you been up to since then? "I just started taking a woodshop class at the college I go to. But I'm not really doing it because I'm interested in it. I'm going mostly because my friend told me that there are a ton of hot guys in there who are more than willing to help you out on your projects. And boy, was she right! There are so many hotties in my class that I leave with wet panties every day. And these guys aren't just hot, they're good with their hands, too. So even if I didn't fuck them, they could probably come to my house and fix stuff!" But the million dollar question is, have you fucked any of them yet? "No, I haven't, but I want to. Although I have been naughty in the workshop! I stayed late one day to work on something, and everyone left.

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