Learns Her Lesson

Learns Her Lesson

Should little Mercedes study or fuck?
We know that's a really hard question and all, but it looks like she is going for the latter. Whatever this tutor is talking about isn't keeping her interest. "All I could hear coming from him was 'blah, blah, blah,'" said Mercedes. "The whole time we were studying I was staring at his package. The second I saw him I knew I wasn't going to learn much. How could I when a sexy older man and I are alone in a room?" The real question is, how did this tutor expect to do his job with such a hot, young flattie as a pupil? "He was trying to be professional, but I could tell he liked me. So I started coming on to him real hard."

"I think it's cute when my teachers try to stay professional when I come on to them."
"They always look so surprised when I make it obvious that I'm flirting. They try to ignore it and go on with the lesson, but I can tell that inside they're squirming and thinking, 'Oh shit, what do I do?' But you know what? They…

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Featuring: Mercedes Liana and Marcelo
Date: October 29th, 2010
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