Rough Rider

Rough Rider

"I'm happy to say that I'm a recovered prude."

It's a common trait with virgins. They freeze like a deer in headlights the first time a one-eyed trouser snake stares them in the face. They're afraid to touch it or suck it, and when it comes to fucking they're stiffer than a plank of wood. "I was terrible when I first started having sex. I would just lie there and not do anything. I guess it was 'cause I was nervous. But I am so not like that anymore. It took me a little while, but I finally met a guy who was able to get me to loosen up when it came to sex."

Tell us how he managed to do that.

"He reassured me that I had nothing to be nervous about, and that sex is about having fun. Mind you, at this time I didn't even like to take off my bra during sex! I realized he was right and threw all my inhibitions out the door. That night I tried a whole bunch of new positions and moaned really loud…

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Date: March 26th, 2010
Duration: 41

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3 years ago 
Movie night with Michelle is the best night of the week...but we never really watch much of the movie.

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