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A Right To Fuck

Featuring: Miranda Rights
Date: September 11th, 2009
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Miranda is legal now, and she's going to enjoy all the perks that come with it. "I'm tired of being treated like a kid! I'm 18 now and I can do what I want!" says Miranda while applying her mother's lipstick and practicing her best sexy pout. "My parents were so strict with me. I wasn't allowed to wear makeup or anything sexy at all. But now that I'm 18 they can't tell me anything. I'm gonna wear sexy clothes and put on makeup and I'm going to go out there and find a boy to fuck!" Miranda also plans to move out of her parents' house soon, now that she has a full-time job at a local restaurant. "I make pretty decent money even though I'm just a waitress. I get really good tips, especially from guys. I make sure to give them special attention." Have you ever fucked one of the customers at your restaurant? "No! They don't give me that kind of tip. I just make sure I'm extra-nice to them and I bend over at just the right time so they can check out my ass. There have been a few guys in there that I wouldn't mind hooking up with, but I'm not willing to risk losing my job over them! Right now, it's more important for me to move out of my parents' place.

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August 30, 2017
I'd love to take her cherry. Repressed girls like Miranda are always so ready to get wild when they get out on their own. She'd be a dirty little cockpleaser and I'd love every second of pounding her pussy.

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