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Dreaming Of Dick

Featuring: Miranda Rights
Date: November 22nd, 2010
Photos: 36
You can tell a lot about a person by their dreams. It's been said that dreams don't lie. And it's certainly true in Miranda's case. So what do her dreams say about her? "That I'm totally horny! I have sex dreams all the time. Like, just about every night. A lot of people don't remember their dreams, but I do! I remember every horny, little detail. Sometimes they're so good, I don't want to wake up, and when I do, my panties are wet!" Dreaming of cock isn't the only thing Miranda does in her sleep. There've been many mornings where Miranda has woken to find that not only were her panties wet and sticky, but so were her fingers. While she's sleeping and dreaming of sex, she's also fingering her slit. "I can't believe I masturbate in my sleep.

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