Dreaming Of Dick

Dreaming Of Dick

You can tell a lot about a person by their dreams. It's been said that dreams don't lie. And it's certainly true in Miranda's case. So what do her dreams say about her? "That I'm totally horny! I have sex dreams all the time. Like, just about every night. A lot of people don't remember their dreams, but I do! I remember every horny, little detail. Sometimes they're so good, I don't want to wake up, and when I do, my panties are wet!" Dreaming of cock isn't the only thing Miranda does in her sleep. There've been many mornings where Miranda has woken to find that not only were her panties wet and sticky, but so were her fingers. While she's sleeping and dreaming of sex, she's also fingering her slit. "I can't believe I masturbate in my sleep. I've actually woken up with my finger still inside my pussy. I wonder if I cum in my sleep, too. I probably do, "cause I know I cum in my dreams. I've even caught myself talking dirty in my sleep! Saying how I want a big, fat, hard cock inside of me. I've noticed that I start having these sex dreams and nocturnal emissions when I haven't gotten laid in a while. It's my body's way of telling me I need to get dick!" Maybe her dreams will cum true! "I think it'd be so hot to wake up with a cock in my mouth. Fucking is totally the best way to start the day. And I'm always super horny in the morning, even if I didn't have any sex dreams! But when I do dream of sex I'm always so disappointed when I wake up because I realize all that hot sex I just had was just a dream. But having a nice, hard cock ready for me right when I wake up would make me so incredibly happy. It could be my breakfast sausage!"

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Featuring: Miranda Rights
Date: November 22nd, 2010
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7 months ago 

What a brilliant set. Got me super hard watching Miranda taking off her cute pyjamas and then we get some super close-up shots of her bald cunny spread wide open. I want to get my fingers all over her pussy and then give her a long deep fucking, filling her with my spunk mmmmmmm.

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