A Dicking In Detention

A Dicking In Detention

It's no surprise that Miranda is in detention.

In the Sept. '09 issue Miranda was a virgin becoming a bad girl. The transformation is complete as she's getting in trouble at school and spending time in detention. But instead of seeing it as a punishment, Miranda sees detention as an opportunity to fuck.

What did you do to get in detention, Miranda?

"It was so stupid. I was just passing a note, and the teacher caught me. If it were any other nerdy girl in there she would have let it slide, but she doesn't like me. The funny thing is that she started reading the note out loud and stopped when she realized how dirty it was. I was talking about how I think this one guy has a big dick because it always looks like he has a banana in his pants. And I wrote that I want to suck it, and that's when she stopped reading and turned beet red. I just smiled and I noticed all the guys in class looking at me…

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Featuring: Miranda Rights and Stephan Saint
Date: December 21st, 2009
Duration: 48

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