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Featuring: Miss Brook
Date: January 20th, 2014
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Welcome back, Brook! What've you been up to since the Jan. '12 issue? "Having lots of sex and being as kinky as possible! I've recently met a guy with a big, fat cock, so we've been fucking 24/7. We're doing it all over town, too!" Where have you guys fucked? Give us the details! "We've fucked in the bathroom at restaurants and bars, at a laundrette, in alleys, in the park. We don't go out with the intention of fucking, it's just that he turns me on so much I want to do it all the time, even if we're in public! I just look at him, and I want to makeout with him and I start rubbing his cock and feel it get hard in his pants. And once that happens all I want to do is wrap my lips around his willy and feel him pound me in every position.".

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March 01, 2014
She looks to be willing to learn. What a beautiful ass.

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