Busty Girl-Next-Door

Busty Girl-Next-Door

Hey, Missy. Have your boobs gotten bigger since you fucked in the June '09 issue?
"A little bit. They're almost a DD-cup now! That's just crazy. I think they're too big for me. I told my boyfriend that I wanted to get a breast reduction, but he begged me not to. He said it's because I'm perfect the way I am, but I have a feeling it's really because he loves it when I titty-fuck him! It is a fun thing to do. And I don't even mind when he cums on my face and boobs after tittyfucking. But still! Having big boobs is a mission. They're heavy and they get in the way of everything I do!"

But your big boobs look great! Please don't get a reduction, Missy!
"That's one of the things that makes me want to keep them. They look good, especially when I'm wearing a push-up bra and they're popping out. That's the only time I don't mind wearing a bra. Otherwise they kind of bother me 'cause they're uncomfortable. I just wish I had someone who could walk behind me all day and hold my…

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Featuring: Missy Mae
Date: February 25th, 2011
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6 years ago 
Her boobs may be bra busters, but they're absolutely perfect. I'd love to watch them bounce while I pound away at her and then cum all over them and then watch her clean herself up after I'm done.
12 years ago 
Hmmmm...I don't see any girl like Missy next door at my house...I only wish!

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