Raided Rump

Molly is quickly advancing at her new job. We wonder why!
It could be because she's smart, or because she's young and cute. It could also be because Molly wears tight clothes and short skirts. But it's probably because she's boning the boss. She started off as a temp and now she's an executive assistant. Not bad for an 18 year old with a high school education. She must be a really good lay. "My boss was happy to give me a raise after the first time I blew him. But I wanted more than that, so I kept fooling around with him. Now I'm at the top here."

Molly is on top of his cock, too.
Everyone suspects, but they don't dare say a thing. "The employees here are so intimidated by him, and I think that turns me on. I'm attracted to powerful men. Even when I'm on top of him, he's still in control."

Molly even gave up her butt to her boss!
Hey, she had to do something to get to the position she's in now. There's nothing like an unexplored 18-year-old ass for job…

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Featuring: Molly Madison and Andy Mann
Date: January 18th, 2010
Photos: 46

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