Kissable Lips

Kissable Lips

Mya's got a juicy surprise hidden in her pants.
At first she was ashamed of it. But now Mya has come to love the certain physical feature which makes her different from a lot of girls. "I have big pussy lips and the guys I've been with have been really turned on by them."

Like nipples, tits and clits, her pussy lips are very sensitive.
Mya loves to have her labia nibbled and sucked. But she wasn't always so confident when it came to cunnilingus. "When I first started fooling around I'd be too shy to even take off my panties because I didn't know what the guy would think of my big pussy lips. But I finally showed it to this one guy and he really liked it. He assured me that guys like big, juicy pussy lips. And he didn't just tell me he liked it, he showed me. The way he licked and played with my lips was so hot. It almost felt better than getting my clit licked. He was so into it and so was I. Since then my panties have always been the first thing to go when I fool…

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Featuring: Mya Lynn
Date: November 9th, 2009
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9 years ago 
I wish you'd left a patch or strip of pubic hair. It seems your natural hair color is gorgeous. BTW, I love your pussy lips and your open asshole.

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