Tanned Twat

Have you ever tanned naked at the beach, Nancy?
"Yes, but it didn't last long. One time I was tanning topless at the beach and some officer told me that I had to put my top back on. I think he was just being a hater! If I want to tan naked I do it mostly at my pool when my parents aren't home. That way I don't get hassled by anyone or threatened with a citation. I would take off my bathing suit while I was in the ocean, but the water is so cold I can't stay in for too long. I love the beach, but when it comes to being naked by the water, home is my best bet. I can lay out with my tits and pussy out, get an even tan and not worry about a thing. Sometimes I'll even play with my pussy for the hell of it. It's nice being all naked outside, I just wish I could do it at the beach!" As a California beach bunny, you've probably had sex at the beach.... "Yup. Lots of times. I've done it in the daytime and at night, too. One of the best fucks I ever had was at the beach under a…

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Featuring: Nancy Sweetstorm
Date: June 25th, 2011
Photos: 41

Member Comments

1 year ago 
So lickable. Everywhere!
1 year ago 
Greatest boobs ever! She"s soooo hot!
10 years ago 
Nsncy's softcore pictorial reminds of the types of nude sets I used to commonly view when I was 19 (way back in the late 70s). That is, pictorials in which the models' beauty and sensuality were showcased with just the right amount of teasing and without the use of toys or other objects being inserted within themselves. (Toy play was seldom seen then). Despite the one mild finger shot of Nancy, (which I could have done without), I found this pictorial of Nancy to be refreshing in that the photographer highlighted her innocent and girlish sexiness without having to rely on overly graphic or perhaps somewhat vulgar poses. I appreciate his/her effort in photograping Nancy in an "old-school" style of poses that is becoming increasingly more and more uncommonly seen in today's erotic arts.

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