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Featuring: Natalie Monroe
Date: December 26th, 2014
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Hey, Natalie. Cute braces! Do you get lots of comments on them? "Not too many. Mostly people just say that I look so young because of my braces, and they can't believe I'm actually 18. Personally, I can't wait to get them removed! I'm super into older guys, and I feel like they won't be into me because of my braces. I find myself keeping my mouth shut and being shy whenever I'm around a cute, older guy because I don't want him to see my braces. It's not cool, man! Only one more year till I get them off." Too bad. We like the way they look. "I've heard other people say that. But I don't want to be cute just because of my braces! I want to be cute because of my face and my little tits and my round butt. My braces will be gone eventually, and I still want to be cute then!" You will be! We're sure you can get lots of guys. "I do okay. I can have sex pretty much whenever I want, which is like, every day.

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March 18, 2015
Natalie is buy far one hot babe. I love how she looks right into the shot, like she knows that were there. with the look like she would love to let us play with her if only we were there! bang on
January 02, 2015
natalie has one of the sweetest buttholes on your site

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