Miss Submissive

Miss Submissive

This nice girl isn't exactly looking for a nice guy. Just 'cause she likes her treats sweet doesn't mean she likes her men the same way. Nicole is way into being submissive, and needs a guy who plays the opposite role. "One time I went to an Internet dating site, and this is what I put on it: Nice, submissive girl looking for an aggressive man to fuck the shit out of her. I've had sex with nice guys before, and they're just too...nice! They go all slow like they're making love to me. That's sweet and all, but I don't get off from it that much. I want a guy who is going to rip off my clothes, tell me to suck his cock and then fuck me hard. You know, a real manly man. The kind of guy who gives me sex that makes me tell him how much I love his cock inside me." Nicole's a rough-and-tumble kinda gal. As a self-proclaimed freak, when this teen says she wants to get banged, she means it literally. So if you've got lots of pumping power, the kind that gives off the sound of flesh slapping flesh, chances are that Nicole would really like a piece of your meat. "I like dominant guys who are rough. Some people are like, 'But don't you want a guy who will make sure you cum?' Of course I do, and fucking me all rough and crazy is what always makes me cum! Don't get me wrong, I don't want a guy who is a total asshole. Just someone who owns it in the bedroom."

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Featuring: Nicole Marie
Date: December 20th, 2010
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Member Comments

6 years ago 

I'd love to spend all night making Nicole my little bitch. I'd make her beg for my cock and then fuck her until she could walk anymore.

13 years ago 

Nicole is a cutie, with a nice smile and an even nicer butt.

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