Curious Kitten

Curious Kitten

Hot, sweaty, naked girls are enough to turn even the straightest girls bi.

Nikita was always all about the dick. She never even entertained the idea of a threeway with her boyfriend. She would fly into a jealous rage if he even looked in another girl's direction. That was until Nikita started looking in other girls' directions. Specifically, in the locker room after gym class.

She wanted a taste.

"I'd look at their wet pussies while we all showered. Suddenly, I wanted to have sex with a girl. And I wanted my boyfriend to be in on it, too."

Would you ever have sex with another girl without your boyfriend?

"If you asked me in front of him, I'd say no. And under most circumstances, I'd say no. But there's this one girl in gym class that I wouldn't mind keeping for myself. I feel like a horny boy when I stare at her changing into her gym clothes,…

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Featuring: Nikita
Date: October 30th, 2009
Duration: 57

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