Petite Pom-Pons

Petite Pom-Pons

Little Nina gives two cheers for cock!
This cute blondie is small from her height (5') to her tits (barely an A-cup), but she has a huge appetite for sex. "I just recently started having sex, and it's like I opened the floodgates or something! I wasn't that horny before I got laid, but now I'm horny all the time. My senior year is going to be my best year ever 'cause of all the hot dicking I'm going to get! Even though I'm 18 and a full-grown woman now, I still have the smallest tits on the cheerleading squad. But I'm the one who's had the most sex!"

She actually likes going to class.
Most teens dread going back to school, but Nina loves it because it gives her the chance to flirt and pick out who her cock du jour will be. "It's not that I'm like, a nerd or anything. I get okay grades. But the real reason I like school is 'cause I get to be around so many hot guys! And when I'm not checking out all the hot cock, I'm talking about it with the other cheerleaders.

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Featuring: Nina Nelson
Date: October 1st, 2010
Photos: 40

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10 years ago 
And your FIRM, HIGH TITS are second to none!!!
10 years ago 
Nina, you are a goddess beyond compare!!! Your fine, smooth, young body and pussy are worthy of worship!!!
10 years ago 

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