Shoreside Slit

Shoreside Slit

This is Olivia's favorite outdoor place to get naked and fuck.
"Not many people come to this part of the beach, so it's safe for me to get naked here. Sometimes when a guy and I
have nowhere to go, I'll bring him here so we can have sex. The water is very shallow so you can walk out for a long
time before it even reaches your hips. I've had sex while standing in the shallow water. The guy was fucking me from
behind while squeezing my tits and sucking on my neck. I remember my pussy juice was dripping down my leg."

Is it normally hard for you to find a place to have sex?
"Yes because I still live at home with my parents, and so do most of the guys I know. I've become more interested in older guys because they have their own apartments and are better in bed. Although it is quite fun to sneak into a guy's room while his parents are asleep and have sex without waking anyone. It's exciting and naughty to be doing things you aren't supposed to."

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Featuring: Olivia
Date: November 9th, 2015
Duration: 40

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4 years ago 
Video of this please xx

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