Cleaning Cutie

Cleaning Cutie

Remi, it's the summer and there's no school. Are you enjoying your vacation?

"For the most part I am. I'm starting a new college soon so I'm just waiting till I move away in a couple of months to start taking classes there. Since I'm moving, my parents want me to throw away all my old stuff in the garage, and it's been a huge, pain-in-the-ass project. I spend hours in there throwing crap out. The only thing that makes it bearable is that I masturbate all the time while I'm in there. I wouldn't be able to clean everything if I wasn't able to take breaks to play with my pussy and cum. It makes the time go by faster."

Are you in a better mood after you touch yourself?

"Yes, definitely. I've been getting frustrated from having to clean so much stuff. So whenever it gets to be too much I take a masturbation break to relieve my stress. I tend to do that for every situation that gets me frustrated. When I cum it relaxes me so much. Then I can go back to…

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Featuring: Remi Lee
Date: September 24th, 2012
Photos: 40

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