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Varsity Vag

Featuring: Remi Lee
Date: October 18th, 2010
Photos: 37
That's not Remi's boyfriend's letterman jacket that she's wearing. It's her girlfriend's! You know what they say about girls who play sports. They're lezzies! That's half true for Remi. She likes girls and boys, but right now she and her girlfriend are exclusive. "We're both on the softball team. She spent the night and left her jacket here, and I like to wear it 'cause it smells like her. Sometimes I keep her panties 'cause I like to smell those, too. Sniffing them reminds me how awesome and hot it is to eat her out." Sometimes a girl's just gotta ask, "Where's the beef?" "I'm bi. My girlfriend isn't; she's a straight up lezzie. I'm very happy with her, but sometimes I miss cock.

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