Perky Titties

Perky Titties

Tell us about your first time, Roxanne... |
"Well, it was kind of awkward, first off. I had a guy friend, more of an acquaintance really, who I'd been talking to now and again in class, and one day I wrote him a note telling him I wanted to fuck. He was up for it of course, so we went to his place and just kinda got it over with quick. He came real fast. After, I told him I'd see him at school and left. We kept it a secret and a few days later we met up again to fuck and kept at it until we graduated!"

Blow job, huh? Do you like to spit or swallow?
"I'm definitely more of a spit girl. I give a pretty messy blow job. I usually either spit it out some place or let the cum drip down on my chest."

That's pretty hot, Roxanne! Can you tell us about another experience you've had?
"I've had sex at an abandoned construction site. I met a guy there from school. Didn't know him too well, but I sucked his cock and then he fucked me doggie-style on the floor. So fucking hot!"

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Featuring: Roxanne Rae
Date: July 29th, 2013
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10 years ago 

nice doggystyle

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