Naughty Girl

Welcome, Sakura! Are you sure you're 18?
"[Laughs] I get that all the time, but I've been 18 for a few months now already. I never realized how much guys are into younger-looking girls. I used to think it was a shame I didn't have much of anything in the way of boobs, but so many guys love my flat, little chest that now I see it as a good thing. Hurray for flatties!"

Is that what made you decide to pose for us?
"Well, I was really excited to find a magazine that doesn't try to cover up flatties with super-padded bras or boob jobs. I'm happy to show off my bitty titties across the pages of 18eighteen. Plus, I've never done anything like this before. I wanted to show people that you don't have to be a certain type of girl to do this. Even nice, quiet girls are horny and like to get naked in front of the lens now and again."

Definitely. So tell us, have you had much experience with guys?
"I haven't gone all the way yet, but I've done other stuff, like give blow jobs. Older guys hit on me the most, and a lot of the time, they're just happy to see me without my clothes. I've met a few guys who just wanted me to lie naked on their bed and touch myself so they could watch. It makes me horny seeing them watch me like that. I'm not prude, but I'm still waiting for the right moment to give up my virginity. Maybe soon?"

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Featuring: Sakura
Date: September 23rd, 2013
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Member Comments

3 years ago 

Such an incredible fox. We need more, more, more!!

10 years ago 

Quick! Find an orthodontist! The only element missing from the lovely Sakura is a mouthful of silvery braces. If she had those in place, Sakura would be one of the many consummate teen fantasies that The Score Group has an uncanny knack for finding.

10 years ago 

My dick is throbbing. Best ever young creamy white redhead with tiny tits.
Keep her coming with a blowjob please.

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