Delicious Fanny

Delicious Fanny

A fanny by any name would still taste so sweet... In the U.S., a fanny refers to a booty, while in the U.K., a fanny means a delectable snatch. Regardless of where you're from, the general consensus is that both types of fannies don't get much more delicious than Sammi's! Don't be fooled by her demure smile and schoolgirl looks. Sammi's perfectly pink pussy is just begging to get filled to capacity. She's even told us before how she enjoys getting it pretty rough during sex!

Sammi, what types of guys do you let kiss your cunny?
"Good-looking ones, of course! But really, I like guys that are more dominant. I like a man that knows what he wants and how to get it. So if he really wants a chance at eating me out, he's got to show me how badly he wants it, and that he's got what it takes to get it. One trick is to just make me laugh though! I love funny guys!" Sammi, give us all the details on your favorite fuck fantasy! "Well, honestly I already lived out a hot one. I once had…

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Featuring: Sammi Starr
Date: June 24th, 2013
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