Perky & Pink

Sammy is perky up top and pink down below. Of course, we're talking about her tits and her pussy, respectively.
Her small chest lends itself to her petite, slender frame. And being that she's an adorable, fresh teeny, it's no surprise that her cunny is a tight, glorious pink honeypot. Sammy is almost too sweet to be getting naked in front of a camera, but we're glad she decided to listen to the devil on her shoulder. "People would definitely be shocked to find out I did this. I'm not a girl you would expect to be in porn. I dress very casual. I don't party. I'm actually very shy when it comes to talking about sex. But I guess there's a little naughty bit inside of me that wanted to be wild."

Getting her to talk about her sex experiences was tough!
Sammy wasn't kidding when she said she's shy about sex. When we asked her about her kinkiest experience all she would do is giggle and cover her mouth with her hand. After her blushing subsided, we got a little bit out of her. "I don't know if this is exactly kinky, but one time I had sex with a guy in a car in a parking lot. It was late at night, and the windows got all fogged up. He was older, like 35. The cops even showed up, but just flashed their lights and told us to leave."

Sammy wants to know more about girls.
"One thing that got me interested in shooting was possibly being with a girl. I'm not very sexually experienced, so it would be a good way to have my first lezzie encounter. I love guys, but I'm curious about girls! And I think I'm too shy to make it happen in my personal life. I need a more experienced girl to show me the ropes. I've been bi-curious because I think that girls would be really good at going down on me. I guess I'll see what happens! Getting naked for the camera has already gotten me to be a little more open and comfortable with my body. Who knows what'll happen next!"

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Featuring: Sammy Daniels
Date: April 20th, 2015
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Dont' know if ANYONE is going to see this, but. It would be nice to have the default photo size in 3000 do I don't always have to change it. We are in FULL HD monitor size now, with 4 k just around the corner.

The only other idea is, Why not DOUBLE the number of photos, thanks

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