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Tiny Dancer

Featuring: Sara Peters
Date: November 2nd, 2009
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Sara didn't start dancing until late in the game. "Most girls take up dance when they are really young, but I actually didn't start until recently. Everyone told me I was wasting my time because at 18, I was already too old. All the other girls who went to that dance school had been training for years and were way better than me. I didn't really care. I did want to learn how to dance ballet but there was another reason I started taking lessons. The beginner's class instructor was really hot. I thought he might be gay because that's kind of what you think of when you see a guy in tights. But my gaydar wasn't really going off for him and his package was so big that I just had to try." Sara sucks at dancing, but she still puts her body to good use. "Okay, so maybe everyone else was right about me startting too late. I'm not flexible enough, my coordination sucks and I have no rhythm. But in my own defense, part of the reason I'm not good at dancing is because I could never take my eyes off my instructor's cock.

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