Banger Babe

So what exactly is a banger babe? In pool and billiards terminology, a banger is someone who is new to the game and not exactly good at getting the balls in the pocket. They simply bang 'em around. Sasha just started playing pool, and she's still getting used to handling the cue stick and making shots. "I like playing with big sticks and balls, so I figured pool would be a good game for me [laughs]. I'm really not that good. Sometimes I just hit the ball as hard as I can and hope for the best. I know I'll get better if I keep practicing. Even though I suck, guys still like playing with me 'cause I stick my butt out when I'm trying to shoot. Playing pool is a good way of flirting, 'cause I can ask a guy for help, and he'll lean over me to help me with the shot, then I can I press my butt into his crotch." Sasha is a banger babe for another reason as well! She just started fucking, and now all she wants to do (besides play pool) is bang, bang, bang! "I recently lost my virginity, and…

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Featuring: Sasha Bleu
Date: November 24th, 2010
Duration: 39

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9 years ago 
great great superior Girl

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