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Cum On My Braces!

Featuring: Sasha Yung and John Strange
Date: May 23rd, 2011
Photos: 40
Sasha, you dirty girl! Isn't that your mom's boyfriend that you're blowing? "Yeah..so? Don't judge me! I've always had a crush on him, and I can't help it if he walked in on me masturbating and decided to stick around. It was so hot the way it sent down. I was masturbating with my mom's vibrator, and he opened the door and came in. He was shocked, but I broke the ice by telling him that he should use the vibrator on me. And that of course led to me giving him head. Please don't tell my mom. She'd flip!" How did it feel to fuck the same guy that your mom fucks? "It never felt so good to be bad. Now I can see why she keeps him around! I was really impressed with his cock--it was just really nice and it got harder than any cock I've ever seen before. He lasted a while, too. It was sweet!" Were you afraid that she would catch you fucking her boyfriend? "Not really.

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