Workin' For The Man

Workin' For The Man

Do you like your new job?

"It's pretty cool. I help out around this woodshop where they make furniture. I mostly clean, answer the phone and keep track of purchases. It's easy, my schedule is flexible and I can wear whatever I want. So I like it here so far. But the best thing about my job is my boss. He's this rugged older guy who's really good with his hands. It gets hot in here so a lot of the time he'll work with his shirt off and he'll get all sweaty. It's enough to make my panties wet. Sometimes I feel like I should be paying him to be here and drool. What I wouldn't give to feel his hands all over me."

Have you tried to get your boss' attention?

"Oh, have I! On days I know I'm going to be cleaning I wear short-shorts and make sure to stick out my butt when I'm sweeping. And sometimes I won't wear a bra and I'll tease my nipples till they're hard and poking through my shirt. But he…

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Featuring: Serenity Lynn
Date: April 5th, 2010
Photos: 44

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