Psuedo Slut

Psuedo Slut

Some girls don't care about their bad reputation.

And Shaye is one of them. Word on the street is that Shaye is a total ho who has fucked half the football team and gives the best blow job at her school. The irony in all this is that Shaye is actually a virgin. So where the hell did these rumors start, and why didn't Shaye put a stop to them? "Um, hello, I started them! I told one of my blabber mouth friends that I fucked a few guys on the football team and she told everyone. Of course they weren't going to deny it! Now all the girls hate me and all the guys want to date me. Those rumors totally made me popular. I love it!"

So the rumors aren't true. But does Shaye want to make them true?

If she likes being called a slut, part of her has to want to be one, right? And what if the truth gets out that she's actually a virgin? "First of all, it's much more fun for people to believe that I'm a…

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Featuring: Shaye Bennett
Date: December 22nd, 2009
Duration: 63

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