Cumming Herself to Sleep

Cumming Herself to Sleep

Hey, Shaye. Last we saw you was in Holiday '09 and you still hadn't had any cock yet...
"I know! I can't believe I was a virgin that long. You guys were the only ones who knew, everyone else thought I was a slut. But I've had sex with a couple of guys now, and it's way better than being a virgin."

How did you end up finally losing your virginity?
"Exactly the way I predicted I would. I was fooling around with a guy and he went down on me. I got so horny that all I could think about was him sliding his cock into my pussy and fucking me. I felt a little too shy to tell him I wanted to fuck at first, but then he stuck his finger in me and I couldn't hold back anymore. When I told him I wanted to have sex he was so surprised he thought I was kidding. I had to grab his cock and look him in the eye and tell him I was serious. I could feel blood rushing into his hard-on when I did that. I guided his cock to my pussy and he pushed it in. Once he was completely in he just rested…

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Featuring: Shaye Bennett
Date: March 25th, 2011
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